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Command: addmultisigaddress


addmultisigaddress nrequired ["key",...] ( "account" "address_type" )

Add a nrequired-to-sign multisignature address to the wallet. Requires a new wallet backup.
Each key is a Litecoin address or hex-encoded public key.
This functionality is only intended for use with non-watchonly addresses.
See `importaddress` for watchonly p2sh address support.
If 'account' is specified (DEPRECATED), assign address to that account.

1. nrequired                      (numeric, required) The number of required signatures out of the n keys or addresses.
2. "keys"                         (string, required) A json array of litecoin addresses or hex-encoded public keys
       "address"                  (string) litecoin address or hex-encoded public key
3. "account"                      (string, optional) DEPRECATED. An account to assign the addresses to.
4. "address_type"                 (string, optional) The address type to use. Options are "legacy", "p2sh-segwit", and "bech32". Default is set by -addresstype.

  "address":"multisigaddress",    (string) The value of the new multisig address.
  "redeemScript":"script"         (string) The string value of the hex-encoded redemption script.

Result (DEPRECATED. To see this result in v0.16 instead, please start litecoind with -deprecatedrpc=addmultisigaddress).
        clients should transition to the new output api before upgrading to v0.17.
"address"                         (string) A litecoin address associated with the keys.


Add a multisig address from 2 addresses
> litecoin-cli addmultisigaddress 2 "[\"LEr4hnAefwYhBmGxcFP2Po1NPrUEIk8KM2\",\"LYKr1oaPSqShthukmLDhdZsqUJgzVnQiAQ\"]"

As json rpc call
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "addmultisigaddress", "params": [2, "[\"LEr4hnAefwYhBmGxcFP2Po1NPrUEIk8KM2\",\"LYKr1oaPSqShthukmLDhdZsqUJgzVnQiAQ\"]"] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

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