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What Are the Benefits of a Google Business Profile?

By: Sam | Last Updated: 2022-05-20T04:04:42

How a Google Business Profile Increases Traffic

Do you have a Google Business Profile? If not, you’re missing out on a large chunk of local sales. Google Business profile is one of the most underappreciated online marketing tools that has proven to help businesses of all sizes and niches. It’s an asset to have in your digital marketing toolbox for 2022 and beyond.

This article outlines the benefits of having a Google Business profile for your company.

What’s a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, formerly Google Business profile is a free business listing platform created to connect businesses to local customers.

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It enables you to provide information and photographs about your company, such as its location, products, services, contact information, website linking, and more. Creating a free Google profile is a terrific way to boost visibility across Google services.

Why is it Important to have a Google Business Profile?

It’s tempting to assume that the Google Business profile is old news and question whether it is or will be relevant in 2022 and beyond. The answer to your question is yes. Google Business profile is the foundation of local SEO and is still very crucial for any business to reach out to their local audience.

Here are some facts that back that up:

  • 97% of people learn more about a local business online than they do anywhere else.
  • 91 percent of adults turn to search engines to find information.
  • Google says local intent accounts for 46 percent of all searches.
  • Google controls over 90% of the search engine business.
  • About 64% of consumers turn to Google Business profile to find contact information for a local business.
  • Google Business profile alone generates over 100 calls for 16 percent of firms each month.

Whether you’re looking to drive local search visibility or get more traffic, a Google Business profile can come in handy. Below are some top reasons why you should have a Google Business profile.

The Benefits Of A Google Business profile

1. Enhance Your Local SEO

As mentioned previously, Google Business profile is one of the most effective tools for local SEO. You’ve probably noticed a panel near the top of the page with roughly three local businesses whenever you search for something. The section contains the Google Business profile listings that the business owner has generated.

This panel appears when your client’s search for a local company in your industry. Only if your Google Business profile listing is filled out, optimized, and verified will you appear in these local search results.

2. It Helps Build Clients’ Trust

Building enough consumer trust in a company to prompt them to make purchases is one of the most difficult challenges confronting most businesses today. Creating a Google Business profile account is one of the best ways to increase customers’ trust in your business.

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Consumers are roughly three times more likely to consider brands that appear on Google to be respectable because of the Google Business profile verification process, which is known to be credible.

3. Allow People To Leave Reviews On Your Google Business profile

Google Business profile evaluations are a valuable marketing tool for obtaining referrals and feedback. The average person will conduct online research before attempting to purchase services or products in person. Reviews serve as social proof and can allow your customers to make faster purchasing decisions.

4. Google Business profile Ensures Consistency Online

As a business grows, a lot of things can change, from your address, phone number, website, and more. Google Business profile makes it easier to keep your clients informed about these changes.

You can update your Google Business profile listing with new phone numbers, websites, addresses, and social media accounts to keep your customers informed. Customers can easily contact and find you if you ever change your location or use a different phone number.

5. Outperform Your Competitors

A Google Business Profile allows a company to outperform its competition in maps and search results. Simple tactics, such as questions and answers and photographs, can have a significant impact on your search engine visibility. According to Google, businesses with photographs receive 42 percent more driving directions inquiries and 35 percent more website clicks than businesses without photos.

6. It Can Increase Sales

A Google business profile is a guaranteed way to get your business in front of high-value local customers, whether you want to generate sales, build brand awareness, or increase bookings.

With all of its fantastic features, a Google Business Profile Listing will undoubtedly improve sales.

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Consider the case of reviews. People are almost as trusting of online reviews as they are of personal recommendations. Having a large number of favorable customer reviews will help you generate more leads and income. Also, Google Business profiles allow clients to easily access your address, phone number, website, and other details, so they can easily reach you and make a purchase.


There are several more advantages to creating a Google Business Profile. You should create an account immediately if you don’t already have one.

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