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New Website: Better SEO, Better Rankings, More Search Traffic

By: Sam | Last Updated: 2022-05-11T17:42:26

Welcome to the blog. Below is an updated summary of our current company status and the changes we are making.

A focus on providing the best SEO services for our clients.

We recently revamped our website and services to focus on Search Engine Optimization. We will now be mainly helping our client’s website get noticed on Google searches. Our team will continue to provide technical support and potentially take in programming projects as needed, but we will not be offering them on our website, at least for now.

Why did we pivot to only advertising SEO as a service?

Search engine optimization is a service needed by 99% of our clients. It is also very well understood by most potential clients who find us for the first time. This allows for an easier onboarding process. Once a relationship is built, the client is introduced to other services we offer like advanced programming, mobile/web application development, paid ads, remarketing ads, advanced reporting, and consulting for each of the services mentioned above.

Streamlining SEO as a service for our clients.

We have optimized our work and delivery of our SEO services for our clients. Once you become a client, our first step is to ensure that you and our team are on the same page. After your website’s initial SEO report, a goal is defined for us to target and accomplish.

The initial SEO report will include several ranking key point indicators(KPIs) that we can focus on to customize your SEO campaign.

You will be assigned an in-house SEO expert that you will always have access to during our regular business hours. Your SEO export will create a custom search engine optimization campaign tailored for your niche, business model, and target audience.

Reporting & Tracking Your SEO Progress

For the first 3 months. Our team will provide bi-weekly SEO reports. This will help strengthen our client relations while keeping you closely updated on the work being performed for your SEO campaign. After the 3-months, you will be provided login access to your own dashboard, where you will be able to:

  • Track your keyword rankings.
  • Download SEO reports for your website.
  • Schedule one-on-one consultation with your assigned in-house SEO expert.
  • Submit notes and comments for your campaign.
  • and much more…

To summarize

Our website will focus more on organic search traffic and SEO as a service. Still, we will continue to provide all of our other services like programming, web/mobile app development, and paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. However, since SEO is the more on-demand service, our team will focus on only onboarding clients interested in SEO. We have streamlined our search engine optimization service, making it easier to build strong long-term relationships with our clients.

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